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Located at the heart of Tel Aviv, TAU Law Faculty is Israel's premier law school. It offers an environment of excellence and educational intimacy in the form of renowned faculty, vibrant student life, ample opportunities for clinical training, and extracurricular activities. Small by design, the faculty's impact on the legal world is measured by its accomplished graduates and its ongoing scholarship and outreach through numerous centers and projects.


TAU faculty publish in the most prestigious law reviews and university presses and lecture regularly at leading law schools in the United States and Europe. Our faculty's scholarship has a significant and continuing impact on Israeli law and is widely discussed by academics abroad. At the same time, TAU is a pioneer in the Israeli legal academy in pursuing important social causes through its vibrant legal clinics as well as its innovative admissions procedures.


For students, the experience is unparalleled. The faculty offers a vast array of courses, seminars and opportunities for research. Students also get practical training by representing real clients in the framework of our excellent clinics. Outside the classroom, there are a rich variety of student practice organizations, professional interest groups, social groups, and student journals, which allow students to pursue every possible interest. It is no surprise that we enjoy a top-notch student body.


A TAU education prepares students for success in the practice of law, business, public service, and teaching. Through its faculty, students, and alumni, TAU Law Faculty is able to contribute solutions to the world's most complex legal and social challenges. Among the Faculty's graduates are Supreme Court Judges, premier law practitioners, senior media members, accomplished businessmen and Members of Parliament.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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