Visiting Faculty

Visiting Professors (Classes in English) 


Name Institute Course Name Quarter
Susy Frankel Victoria University of Wellington Global Issues in Intellectual Property 1
Kim Rubenstein Australian National University Citizenship Law in Context 1
Hans-Bernd Schäfer Hamburg University Law and the Poverty of Nations 1
Veena Dubal UC Hastings Faculty Critical Race Theory:  Perspectives from the United States 2
Nikita Lyutov Kutafin Moscow State Law University International Labor Standards and Labor Law in Russia 2
Hans-W. Micklitz EUI European private law 2
Jack Rakove Stanford University The Free Exercise of Religion in American Law and History 2
Eugene Volokh UCLA School of Law Digital Free Speech Under U.S. Law 2
Yongfan Zhang Renmin University  China’s Intellectual Property Law and Its Historical, Cultural and Traditional Aspects 2
Alberto Aronovitz The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law The Protection of International investments  3
Craig Hoffman Georgetown University  Language and Law 3
Reuven Avi-Yonah University of Michigan Introduction to International Taxation 3
Lynn Baker Texas Law Aggregate Litigation and Individual Justice 3

Rakesh (Raj) Kumar Bhala

University of Kansas International Trade Law 3
Franci J. Blassberg  Cornell Law School Private Equity Playbook 3
Alberto Heimler Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione European and Israeli antitrust law enforcement: the challenges ahead 3
Rene Fernando Uruena Hernandez Los Andes University, Colombia Transformative constitutionalism in Latin America 3
Robert Hettleman Former New York State Court Judge and former prosecutor in New York City; International Consultant on Child Abuse and Criminal Justice Domestic Violence & Child Abuse and the Criminal Justice System 3
Alan Brudner University of Toronto Hegel’s Legal Philosophy 4
Edward Janger Brooklyn Law School Business Reorganizations in Bankruptcy 4
Margot Kaminski Colorado Law Law of Robotics and AI 4
Kurt Siehr Max Planck Intitutes. Hamburg Visual Arts and the Law 4
Paul B. Miller University of Notre Dame Law School Corporate Law Theory 4
Barak Orbach University of Arizona Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (“GRC”) - Agmon&co Rosenberg Hacohen & Co Visiting Chair in Business Law 4
Marco Wan University of Hong Kong Law & Literature 4
Steven Wilf University of Connecticut  Trade Secret Law & Information Governance 4
Steve Zipperstein BlackBerry Ltd. Technology and the Law – Advanced Course 4
Oren Bar-Gill Harvard Law School  Law, Economics and Psychology 3+4
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