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  • 2009-10 Visiting Scholars

    Dr. Adriana Di Stefano 

    University of Catania Law School, Italy

    Adriana Di Stefano is advocate in Italy and a research fellow focusing on public international law at the European Union Law. She also teaches and conducts research at the “Dipartimento di Seminario Giuridico”, School of Law, The University of Catania. During her stay at the Cegla Center, Dr. Di Stefano conducted research on the problem of effectiveness of internal remedies and denial of justice in cases of extraterritorial reach of human rights treaties in the context of military occupation regimes and of post-conflict UN-led transitions.

    Dr. Didem Özalpat

    Ankara University, Law School

    Prof. Pamela Laufer-Ukeles  

    University of Dayton, School of Law


    Pamela Laufer-Ukeles is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Dayton, School of Law.  Her scholarship focuses on analyzing the child caregiver role, as well as the role of gestation, in family law, bioethics and beyond.  During her stay at the Cegla Center she worked on an article, entitled: Reproductive Choices and Informed Consent. The article analyzes the informed consent process for reproductive choices and argues that women's autonomy is not sufficiently protected under the current doctrine in the medical context. 

    Dr. Vasileios Petropoulos

    Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

    Vasileios Petropoulos is an advocate in Greece. He has studied law at the Kapodistrias University of Athens and has obtained an LL.M. (Magister Legum) from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. During his visit at the Cegla Center, Vasileios focused on the problem of causality in the stock market as a problem of "completion asymmetry", hence, the manipulative acts that start a procedure that is outside of someone's control, especially when he acts without intention (recklessness), or when he activates stop loss orders. 


    Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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