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Glocal Legal Practice


Glocal Legal Practice

(Parasol International LL.M. only)


Our LL.M. alumni, Daniel Jesús Palomino Seguín (Peru, LL.M, ’18) wrote, Lama Lo? Following students’ suggestions, we launched a course – the Glocal Legal Practice course.

The course, with the cooperation of law firms and organizations in Israel, is meant to provide you with first-hand experience in an Israeli law firm, with you conducting legal work with the law firm. Every firm has its own needs and way of doing its business, hence the practice may differ from one firm to another. We envision that a law firm will be interested, for example, in a detailed review of a certain legal topic in your home country, or in a different legal system, that is conducted in a language that you profess.

Business, technology, and most importantly, people, cross borders on a daily basis.  A transaction that begins online results in a product manufactured in China and delivered to Finland; a technology developed in Israel is applied throughout the world.  An online relationship that begins across the Ocean results in a wedding in Rome.  Multinational companies operate around the globe, and governments cooperate on various issues (or at least try to do so).  These are all instances of globalization.  Globalization also has its dark sides, of exploitation, or abuse of asymmetries of power.

The law plays a major role in facilitating these trends of globalization, and can also serve as a mitigating force.  However, the law often reflects local norms, thus where globalization meets local values, needs, and interests, we have a case of glocalization.

Studying law in a different jurisdiction enables us to appreciate the differences, potential, and tensions.  To better appreciate this, we offer a new course, Glocal Legal Practice.  The goal is to enable you to bring your foreign knowledge and experience to play, and to interact with local lawyers and organizations.


Time, Format & Tasks

  • Conducting legal research at an Israeli law firm / organization / government branch, under the instruction and supervision of a senior lawyer.

  • The scope should be of at least 26 hours. Please note: like any class, there is preparation time, which we estimate at 2 hours of reading per 1 class hour. Hence, the practice can last between 26 to 78 hours total.

  • The location of the practice might differ according to the nature of the practice and the entity of practice; it might take place at their premises or elsewhere (e.g., in offices, on the ground, or in the university’s library).

The outcomes of the course should be:

  1. A substantive summary of the legal project, of five pages, first approved by the supervising lawyer, and then submitted to the course coordinator. We respect attorney-client confidentiality, so the report should be drafted accordingly.

  2. A one-page feedback of the experience of the above interaction and experience, submitted to the course coordinator.

  3. The supervising lawyer will report separately to the course coordinator, approving (or not) the scope of your practice with the firm/organization, and recommending approval or failure.



For further information about the Glocal Legal Practice course, please contact the coordinators of the International LL.M. Program at studylaw@tau.ac.il.  



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