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Today, Israel is the hub of much international corporate and business activity. Corporate giants from the U.S., Europe and Asia are looking for opportunities in Israel, buying companies and opening research centers. MobilEye’s acquisition by Intel for $15 Billion is a recent example. Venture capital and private equity companies follow suit and aim for Israel’s earlier stage companies. At the same time that foreigners invest in Israel, Israeli companies look outward to raise capital and seek larger product markets. Israel is the foreign country with the second largest number of companies quoted on the NASDAQ, with 95 such companies (and counting!). Many Israeli companies, cross list in Israel and abroad, and the Israeli Securities Law is highly innovative in this regard. Finally, some Israeli companies play a major role in international transactions. To say the least, Israel today is an exciting place to study business law.

The Business Law track focuses on the fundamentals of business strategy catered to a legal audience. The course topics and frameworks are drawn from business law as well as MBA curriculums of leading schools abroad. The track offers courses on an array of topics: Startup Financing and Governance, Shareholder Activism, Issues in Competition Law, Negotiations in the Technology Industry, and related issues. Together, we offer a range of courses that is second to none.

To complete your specialization in the Business Law track, you must take at least 14-15 credits of the LL.M.’s 32 required credits, from courses within the Business Law track, but you are more than welcome to take as many courses as you see fit – and that fit your schedule. You can also take courses from the other tracks, in addition to general elective courses.


The professors and courses refer to the 2018-2019 academic year - please be aware that courses and professors change each year.



In the Fall Semester, you can study with Prof. Hans Bernd Schäfer (Hamburg University) a course on Law and the Poverty of Nations; you can take a course on Antitrust Policy, taught by Prof. David Gilo (TAU Law), the former Head of the Israeli Antitrust Authority; and a course on Risk Derivatives and Financial Crises taught by Adv. Menachem Feder. Dr. Hadar Jabotinsky will offer a course on Business Law, and Prof. Ayal Shenhav and Adv. Gal Hoffman will teach an innovative course on Start-Up Law.

In the Spring Semester, we offer a seminar on Business Law: Transnational Perspectives, by Dr. Ido Baum. In the Workshop on Law & Economics, led by Prof. Avraham Tabbach & Dr. Shay Lavie, both of TAU Law, you will be able to discuss cutting-edge research with authors who will present their works in progress.

Prof. Alberto Aronovitz (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law) will teach a course on The Protection of International Investments; Prof. Reuven Avi Yonah (University of Michigan) will navigate you through International Taxation; and Prof. Raj Bhala (University of Kansas) will discuss International Trade Law. Prof. Alberto Heimler (Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione, Roma) will discuss Optimal Regulation and Optimal Institutional Structure; with Prof. Edward Janger (Brooklyn Law School) you will make sure not to go bankrupt, in his course on Business Bankruptcy. Prof. Paul Miller (University of Notre Dame) will offer a course on Corporate Law Theory. If you are interested in the business aspects of IP, you can take Adv. David Mirchin’s course on Licensing of IP.


This is how it looks, for the Business lawyer:

  • Law and the Poverty of Nations
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Risk Derivatives and Financial Crises


  • Business Law
  • Start-Up Law
  • Business Law: Transnational Perspectives
  • Workshop on Law & Economics
  • The Protection of International Investments
  • International Taxation
  • International Trade Law
  • Optimal Regulation and Optimal Institutional Structure
  • Licensing of IP


  • Business Law: Transnational Perspectives
  • Workshop on Law & Economics
  • Business Bankruptcy
  • Corporate Law Theory

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