Our Alumni

Tammy Pustilnick
University of Chile, LL.B.
Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, LL.M.
Zvi Meitar Center at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, Thesis-Completion


"Studying a Master in Law is more than going to classes and studying in the library. Its about a whole new experience - an enriching experience in professional, cultural, social and personal spheres. Tel Aviv University fulfilled my requirements to the fullest."
What aspects of your LLM experience, looking back now, do you really value? Top-notch faculty and student diversity
Did you change through the course of the program? In what way? Given how special TAU is, I believe I am a much more tolerant person today. Also, I'm more informed and prepared regarding issues of global controversy. I look at issues with improved critical legal thinking. 
How did studying in Tel Aviv impact your studies? Studying in a country with ongoing conflict is priceless, especially if you are focused on topics like human rights, transitional justice and the law of war. 
How did studying with international students influence you? Sharing the classroom wiht students from all over the world gave me a much wider vision of the legal world and how diverse the application and interpretation of the law can be. 


Lisa Sferrazza

Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, B.S. in Business Administration 
Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, LL.M.


“The LLM has been academically rigorous, and people feel challenged and that they’re getting a lot out of it. The other students are quite bright, and people come well-prepared for class discussion. Everyone draws on a lot of their own personal backgrounds when discussing certain topics, which means that the classes are always interesting and there is a lot of dialogue. The professors have been really good – they’re from all over the world and have amazing credentials.”









Reika Saito

Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, LL.B. 
Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, LL.M. in Civil and Criminal Law
​Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, LL.M.


“I am sure I will never regret having chosen Israel instead of the US or England as the place to pursue my Master’s degree. The professors kindly offer us the opportunity to mingle with professionals in our fields of interest through which we establish international networks for our legal careers.”


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