Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice Clinic Addresses environmental law and policy on issues such as urbanism, sustainability, public transportation and environmental justice. Special attention is given to the disparate impact of environmental hazards on poor and marginalized communities. The clinic provides legal counsel to national, regional, and grassroots nonprofit organizations. 


The theoretical studies include such issues as: How basic rights and the right to have a healthy environment relate to each other? What is the essence of Environmental Law in a modern state? What are the difficulties in balancing the use of common resources like water, land, air and the prevention of pollution? How can we protect the environmental rights of the poor? What are the challenges of urbanism, and how do we maintain sustainable cities. In the last two years special attention was given to issues of public transportation and its impact on the environment. 


Clinical Staff

Dr. Eran Tzin, Adv. – Clinical Instructor

Prof. Issachar Rosen Zvi  – Academic Supervisor

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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