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Or Kashti Coronavirus Crisis Is Exacting Price from Women and the Elderly, While the Gov't Ignores Solutions 3.7.2020 Haaretz

While the government has relied largely on unemployment payments to deal with the crisis, this is unlikely to be enough to deal with such a unique and complex situation in the long-term. Adv. Yael Havassy-Aharoni of the Clinic for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly , in cooperation with a coalition of NGOs, demanded that the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Welfare, and the Ministry of Health, instruct eldercare institutions to cease restricting residents’ movements and prohibiting visits.


Lee Yaron Israel's Top Court Strikes Down Law Requiring Asylum Seekers to Deposit 20% of Salaries 23.4.2020 Haaretz

The ‘Deposit Law’ was in effect for over two years for the purpose of encouraging asylum seekers to leave Israel. Now, following a motion submitted by the Refugee Rights Clinic and Kav LaOved, the state has 30 days to return the money. Chief Justice of Israel’s Supreme Court, Esther Hayut, remarked in her ruling thatThe means of denying the worker a fifth of his or her salary clearly, tangibly and substantially undermines the infiltrating worker’s property rights, while the benefit stemming from it is limited.”


Hagar Shezaf Coronavirus Exit Strategy May Be a Death Sentence for These Israelis 19.4.2020 Haaretz

People in high-risk groups are getting used to uncertainty becoming a way of life in the age of coronavirus. Adv. Idit Zimmerman of the Workers’ Rights Clinic argues that workplaces should allow people to work from home, or alternatively, workplaces should be adapted for people who are high risk: “As the number of people returning to work rises, this will require attention, finding ways of returning this group to work while protecting their health.”


Mimi Tanaman and Ruti Ziv Defending the Right to Breathe Clean Air TAU Annual Report 2019

Dr. Eran Tzin of the Environmental Justice and the Protection of Animal Rights Clinic on Israel’s first-ever class action against Haifa Bay industrial polluters on behalf of area residents with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and lung cancer. The Haifa Bay area is home to a population of 500,000 Jewish and Arab residents. Affected residents are seeking compensation for damages to health, and demanding that industrial polluters either adopt “greener” practices or pay for the clean-up. 


Or Kashti Arabs Sue Tel Aviv Realtor for 'Racist' Housing Discrimination 6.12.2019 Haaretz

Three women told by a realtor detecting their accent that an apartment was already spoken for, but he later agreed to show the same flat to Jews. Adv. Hicham Chabaita of the Human Rights Clinic is representing the women in their case against the real estate agency. Chabaita argues that the realtor’s obligation is to refuse to comply with racist conditions:  “Just as an attorney may not draft an agreement to sell a kidney, a real estate agent may not be party to an illegal deal with racist conditions”


Or Kashti Being Transgender Is a Mental Disorder, Israeli Insurance Company Says 6.7.2018 Haaretz

When a transgender man asked the Ayalon Insurance Company to refund his mastectomy, he was told his policy does not cover mental disorders or psychiatric treatments. Adv. Adi Nir Binyamini of the Human Rights Clinic submitted an appeal against the insurance company, claiming that its position is discriminatory and prejudicial. Binyamini argued that the disorder classification of gender dysphoria was changed in 2013: “….to avoid stigma and ensure adequate medical treatment and care for people who see and feel themselves as belonging to a different gender than their biological one.”


Revital Hovel and Ido Efrati In Israeli Maternity Wards, Jewish and Arab Segregation Is the Default 18.5.2018 Haaretz

More than a decade after the practice was exposed in investigative reports, Arab women say it has not ended and the Health Ministry turns a blind eye. The Class Action Clinic, in cooperation with Gil Ron, Keinan & Co., filed a class action on behalf of four Arab women who gave birth and were separated from Jewish women. They are demanding that hospitals prohibit segregation, and compensate anyone who has been harmed by this practice. Prof. Alon Klement of the Class Action Clinic shared the story behind the lawsuit: “The Class Action Clinic spoke with dozens of women to determine the extent of this segregation. Our research showed that things haven’t changed sufficiently, and there is still blatant segregation in the hospitals … The four plaintiffs who signed on the suit were willing to stand up and represent an entire group because it is so important to them.”


Ilan Lior In Ruling That Could Affect Thousands, Israeli Judge Says Eritrean Draft Dodgers May Get Refugee Status 15.02.2018 Haaretz

The ruling is expected to shift legal precedent and could influence the asylum requests of thousands of Eritreans with rejected applications. Adv. Anat Ben-Dor of the Refugee Rights Clinic filed the appeal along with Adv. Elad Kahana. Ben-Dor expressed her satisfaction with the ruling: “We are pleased that the tribunal, after long deliberations in which a large amount of evidence was presented, put justice back where it should be.”



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