Situated at the interface of academia, service and activism the clinics combine high quality legal education and the promotion of human rights and social justice.


Instilling an ethic of professional responsibility and public service within our students – Israel's future lawyers

Located within academia, our clinical education program is designed to strengthen the awareness and increase the professional commitment of law students to promote legal and social justice through the use of legal tools. 


Through hands on learning we wish to instill in our students with an ethic of public service and community involvement, expand their professional awareness to their public role and to cultivate values that make for effective, ethical and socially-responsible attorneys.


Legal Services – Providing Essential Legal Assistance

The Clinics provide essential, high-quality and free-of-charge legal services to individuals and groups who are denied access to justice. Most of our clients are unable to secure legal representation due to high costs, the unpopularity of their issues or the complexity of their cases.


Skills Development - Equipping Students with Effective Professional Skills

By participating in all stages of the legal process, students learn to employ diverse legal strategies regarding a wide range of legal issues, thus improve their professional lawyering skills.

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