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Thursday, November 23rd, Lecture and discussion

Prof. Martti Koskenniemi: After Globalization: Engaging the "Backlash" 

Event Invitation      Photo     Video


Tuesday, November 14th, Workshop

Prof. David Vogel: How the Golden State became green: Environmental policy leadership in California

Event Invitation

Sunday, May 28th, Workshop

Oxford Handbook of Historical Legal Research

Event Invitation


Wednesday, May 3rd, Workshop

Silvia Schiavo, University of Ferrara: Roman Law in Beccaria’s “On Crimes and Punishments”

Event Invitation


Monday, April 24th, Workshop

Susanna Blumenthal, University of MinnesotaCounterfeiting confidence:

contract and the problem of trust in Melville's America      Event Invitation


Sunday, March 19th, Workshop

Joshua Getzler, Oxford: The authority of secular courts over established and non-established faiths

religious trusts in Britain      Event Invitation


Thursday, Jan. 26th; Workshop

Karin Loevy, NYU School of Law: Drawing Lines of Development

The Sykes Picot Agreement's Forgotten Regional Moment     Event Invitation

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