IP Legislative watch


The legislative process is transparent, but frequently goes under the radar of the public.  This often results in only interest groups participating in the process, with the public inadequately represented.  The S. Horowitz Institute for IP wishes to intervene, and represent the public in such processes.  The IP Legislative Watch will track IP-related bills and other policy proposals in Israel, and offer constructive analysis.  TAU Law students author the commentaries under academic supervision.  The views represented in these commentaries, are those of the authors’, and are not associated with S. Horowitz & Co. law firm.


Legislative Watch- SHIIP on Copyright and Designs (heb)

Legislative Watch: SHIIP on the Performers and Broadcasting Rights Act 2016 (Heb)

Legislative Watch: SHIIP on The Design Bill 2015 (Heb)

Legislative Watch: SHIIP on the Duration of Phonograms and Performances (Heb)

Legislative Watch: SHIIP on the Protection of Musicians (Heb)

Legislative Watch: SHIIP on the Protection of Literature and Authors Act (Heb)

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