IP Student Forum


The S. Horowitz Institute for IP is proud to support the TAU Law IP Student Forum. 

The student forum holds discussions with leading IP lawyers, scholars, experts, inventors and artists.

The forum operates alongside SHIIP. The IP forum also posts comments on current IP events. Please visit the IP Forum’s Facebook page.


What does IP and food have in common? According to PhD student at TAU Law, Omri Rahum-Twaig, the answer is a lot, and it is tasty! The IP Student Forum at TAU Law held a special round table about Food as an Original Work, on May 5, 2016. Chef Haim Cohen and Adv. Shiri Casher-Hitin joined us, to discuss Omri’s work on Law, Haute Cuisine, and Culture: The (Curious) Incident of Copyrights Protection on Gourmet Courses.


Is an 18-year contract between a young and promising musician and a label fair? On December 21, 2015, the IP Student Forum at TAU Law held its’ first event, with singer and songwriter Aya Korem, and Adv. Moti Kahiri.  Korem managed to be released from her contract with the lawyer only after long litigation, reaching the Supreme Court. Korem and Kahiri now promote a new bill, that would enable musicians an exit of their contracts, in certain cases. 

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