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IP policy-making often takes place with insufficient public participation.  The S. Horowitz Institute for IP conducts public round tables on current IP policies.  These discussions are open to all who wish to participate, including authors, inventors, scholars, judges, lawyers, regulators, industry, and the public at large.  The Institute will conduct one or more round tables each semester.


Inventions Made for Hire

April 14, 2016

Who owns an invention made by an employee in the course of her employment? Can the employer require the employee to give up all IP rights in such inventions ex ante?

SHIIP will host a round table to discuss the recent Supreme Court decision on the matter (Barazani v. Iscar Ltd.)





Legal Design

January 7, 2016

A new Design Bill is pending in the Knesset. The new law will replace the 1924 British Design Act. One of the new rules addresses typeface (fonts): The Bill would relocate their legal defense under the law of design, rather than copyright.

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