The Goldenberg Prize for IP Award Ceremony

The Amnon Goldenberg Prize, recognizing young scholars who have significantly enhanced the quality of research in the field of IP, is awarded annually by the S. Horowirtz Institute for IP.

22 May 2017

The annual Amnon Goldenberg Prize Award Ceremony was held by TAU Law S. Horowitz Institute for IP on May 16, also marking the inaugural event of a two-day conference, titled “intellectual property policies and practices in Israeli universities and research institutes.”

TAU Law Dean Prof. Sharon Hannes welcomed the esteemed guests, including dignitaries from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Asher Grunis, Justice Hanan Melcer of the Supreme Court of Israel, Mr. Asa Kling, Director of the Israel Patent Office, Attn. Tal Band of S. Horowitz & Co, and family members of the late Attn. Dr. Amnon Goldenberg.

Prof. Michael Birnhack, Associate Dean for Research and Director of S. Horowitz Institute for IP, surveyed the Institute’s activity in the past year and introduced the evening’s keynote speaker, Prof. Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The Amnon Goldenberg prize, recognizing young scholars who have significantly enhanced the quality of research in the field of IP, was awarded to Dr. Omri Rachum-Twaig for his paper: “Law, Haute Cuisine, and Culture: The (Curious) Incident of Copyrights Protection on Gourmet Courses,” about to be published within Studies in Food Law (Law, Society and Culture Book Series, 2017). The Prize for a research student was awarded to patent lawyer and Ph.D. student Ms. Adi Ben-Eli for her research into recently established IP courts in China. Certificates were awarded by Mrs. Ora Goldenberg, widow of Amnon Goldenberg who said, “My husband believed that in order to be a great lawyer, it is not enough merely to excel in laws; one has to be a scholar, philosopher, and an artist.”

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