International Law Workshop

Prof. Aeyal Gross, Dr. Doreen LustigDr.  Eliav Lieblich

Tel Aviv University International LawWorkshop serves as a forum in which leadinginternational law scholars, from Israel and abroad, present theirworks in progress and address past and contemporary challengesto international law. The workshop also provides TAUstudents (including LL.M. and Ph.D students) with theopportunity to readand comment on presented and classic texts.  Students areassigned to write eight reaction papers and engage with theauthors during the workshop's sessions.


List of Meetings (2018-19)


Past Participants: 

Title of Lecture Affiliation Name


Private Citizens of the World University of Toronto

Karen Knop

The Global Market for Tax & Legal Rules Bar-Ilan University

Tsilly Dagan

Targeted Killings: Bin Laden and Al-Awlaki as Case Studies Hebrew University

David Kretzmer

Noncompliance, Renegotiation, and Justice in International Adjudication: A WTO-EU Perspective Bar-Ilan University Sivan Shlomo
Authority and Law in Global Governance Graduate Institute Geneva

Nico Krisch

Remembering 1948: International Law and History in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict University of London

Catriona Drew

Reflections on the EU’s proposal for an Investment Court London School of Economics Andrew Lang
Reflections on the Paris Climate Change Agreement Arizona State University Daniel Bodansky
Objections to Reservations as Decentralized Enforcement University of Chicago

Tom Ginsburg

The Decay of Consent: International Law in the Age of Global Public Goods Graduate Institute Geneva Nico Krisch
Nuremberg Was Not the First International Criminal Tribunal, Not by a Long Shot Bar-Ilan University Ziv Bohrer
The International Criminal Court and the Use of Chemical Weapons in (Non-International) Armed Conflicts University of Potsdam Andreas Zimmermann
Competition And Cooperation in The Market of Voluntary Sustainability Standards Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies KU Leuven Jan Wouters
Legality and Lawfare: Lauterpacht and the Law of the Sea University of Cambridge Surabhi Ranganathan
Transitional Justice as the Modern Oedipus: the Emergence of a Right to Truth Tel Aviv University Leora Bilsky
Transitional Justice and Judicial Activism: Is There a Right to Accountability? New York University Ruti Teitel
Beyond Detention and Border Policies: On Containment, Marginalization and Exclusion Methods of Asylum Seekers in Israel College of Law and Business Tally Kritzman-Amir
Behavioral International Law Hebrew University Tomer Broude
Legal and Ethical Approaches to Global Justice: The Dialogue of the (Near-) Deaf University of Michigan Steven Ratner
Judging the Marcos Regime in U.S. Courts: Alien Tort Statute Litigation as Postcolonial Law Tel Aviv University Natalie Davidson


Judicial Effectiveness of International Courts and Legitimacy Hebrew University

Yuval Shany

Food Security, the WTO, and the Urban Revolution Melbourne Law School

Anne Orford

Human Rights in Radical Thought: Revisiting the 1790s London School of Economics Susan Marks
Governance Feminism - Anti Trafficking in Israel: Nationalism, Borders, Markets Tel Aviv University Hila Shamir
Human Security and the Genesis of the League of Nations University of Oxford

Patricia Clavin

Prosecuting Aggression: The Consent Problem University of Oxford

Dapo Akande

Hersch Lauterpacht and the Israeli Declaration of Independence IDC

Eliav Lieblich

?Globalization of International Law

University of Cambridge

James Crawford
Arendt, Genocide, and the Ontology of Groups Georgetown University

David Luban

International Law and Science Fiction: Conditioning the Human Condition College of Management

Orna Ben-Naftali

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