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The legal profession has changed significantly over the years. I remember how after graduating from Tel Aviv University's Buchmann Faculty of Law nearly 20 years ago, I took pleasure in introduci​ng myself as a lawyer and felt honored to be part of such an esteemed and respected profession. Today, Israel boasts an estimated average of one lawyer for every 150 citizens - the most per capita worldwide. Due to the growing number of law schools in the country and the influx in the number of lawyers accredited every year, it is essential to differentiate TAU Law's alumni from the rest. In an era of globalization and privatization, businesses and contracts are becoming more complex and the demand for intelligent lawyers with a wide understanding of the legal profession rises.


Our law school is by all parameters the leading in Israel. The admission criteria at TAU Law is the highest of all law schools in the country and even though our graduates amount for less than 5% of the lawyers admitted annually to the Israeli Bar, they are highly sought after by many employers.


Since my studies at TAU Law, I have accumulated much practical experience and developed professionally, gradually rising to become Israel's cabinet secretary. Over the years, I have come across many of the Faculty's graduates, which include ministers and Knesset members; managers and executives of large and small corporations (both in Israel and abroad), judges, legal advisors and regulators. Although all of us work in diverse positions along the legal, business and political spectrum, the education received at Buchmann Faculty of Law unites us all. Clearly, our Faculty has created true thinkers, grounded in a belief that the status quo can be changed. Buchmann alumni are not merely technicians of law but are influential and progressive leaders in their respective fields, continually shaping our thinking and developing our country.


Being proud of your alma-mater is a well-known approach in American schools. Prestigious law schools invest substantial resources in order to cultivate "team spirit", and encourage the active alliance of their graduates. Successful lawyers feel indebted to their schools for paving their way to success, and they often give back by providing new graduates with professional guidance, financial aid and direction.


When I was recently called upon to Chair the TAU Law Alumni Association (Hebrew), I was honored and excited. TAU Law has grown to become one of the most respected law schools in the world, and is widely recognized for its excellence in research, teaching and impact on the legal community.


In the years ahead, I wish to strengthen our brand so that our alumni will feel proud to have graduated from TAU Law. I'm aware of the fact that careers, families and social engagements restrain our free time, and as such, I do not think it is viable that we have reunions every month. However, I do believe it is essential that we build a strong community of graduates by getting together on occasion.


Furthermore, I invite you to take part in the Faculty's collective efforts in shaping the future of the legal profession by organizing and generating active participation in lectures offered to alumni living abroad; developing and maintaining international conferences and events within the Faculty; promoting the Faculty's many accomplishments, including its unique research centers and institutes, graduate programs, clinics and more.


If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact me at alumnil@post.tau.ac.il.


I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events. 



Zvi Hauser

Chair of the TAU Law Alumni Association


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