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The Institute for Law and Philanthropy (ILP)
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The Institute for Law and Philanthropy (ILP)  was established at Tel Aviv University Law School on October 2014.


In line with TAU Law's strong commitment towards social justice, the overriding mission of the Institute will be to help integrate philanthropy into Israel’s socio-economic policy and thus support the country’s philanthropic sector in its quest to foster a more prosperous and equitable society. 


Mission & Goals

The overriding mission of the Institute is to help integrate philanthropy into Israel’s socio-economic policy and thus support the country’s philanthropic sector in its quest to foster a more prosperous and equitable society. It strives to achieve this through the following activities:


Research and Policy Recommendations

  •  Advance research in critical spheres identified by founding members and committed philanthropic partners;
  • Encourage, support and disseminate advanced, applied, multidisciplinary research from scholars and scientists in law, economics, management, political science, psychology, social work, and sociology to provide valuable insights that can contribute to the formulation of a comprehensive and lasting philanthropic, social, economic & fiscal policy.
  • Generate the knowledge and solutions to integrate philanthropy into mainstream Israeli culture.


  • Provide law students and practicing lawyers with the training and tools to assume their role as agents of social change and advocates of philanthropy.

Networking and Inter-Sector Dialogue

  • Host a series of annual events - international conferences, as well as roundtable forums and working-group discussions to create a platform for dialogue among the non-profit, philanthropic, business and government sectors.

​ILP’s establishment was led by two philanthropists: Ms. Dafna Meitar-Nechmad and Ms. Edna Fast, together with two members of TAU's Faculty of Law: Prof. Yoram Margalioth, who specializes in tax and tax policy (public finance), and Atty. Galia Feit, a former instructor at the Faculty’s Legal Clinical Education Program.

ILP's Research Fellows, including Dr. Nissan Limor and Mr. Guy Schultz, work on issues related to the Institute's core agenda. Ms. Anat Kliger is managing the database for philanthropy project.

The Founding Board also includes other significant contributors such as Ms. Irith Rappaport and Ms. Marcia Riklis. Prof. Nili Cohen, President of the Israeli Academy of Science and Humanities. Prof. Sharon Hannes, TAU Law's Dean and Mr. Zeevik Feldman has joined the Founding Board Recently on behalf of Peami Tikva Foundation.

Prof. Margalioth serves as the Institute's Academic Director and Atty. Feit as its Executive Director.


Why Now?

Philanthropy around the world is evolving at a dramatic pace. This is due to a number of factors, mainly globalization, the significant increase in wealth among a large amount of individuals, and the rise in both income and wealth inequality. This is certainly true in Israel, which is going through a major shift from a total reliance on foreign, mostly Jewish, philanthropy (based on the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam) to a more balanced reliance on both foreign and domestic philanthropy, the latter of which has been increasing in recent years.

Despite the growing awareness of the importance of philanthropy as a vehicle for social change, Israeli fiscal and corporate policy has yet to catch up with the changing philanthropic landscape. The most effective means of enhancing policy is through rigorous academic research, the findings of which would serve as the basis for the formulation of policies to improve regulation and taxation of philanthropy as part of a broader cohesive fiscal policy.

Yet, academic research in the field, both in Israel and worldwide, is still lagging behind. Within this context the Institute was created to promote and pursue multidisciplinary research that integrates analyses and insights from a range of fields, among them law, economics, political science social work, management, psychology and sociology. ILP seeks to apply its findings into coherent policy measures, as well as transform policy recommendations into reality at the doctrinal law level.


Call for Action

In addition to the funds raised so far, any and all donations to the Institute would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, the ILP is currently seeking founding donors who will serve as strategic partners in advancing its goals and objectives.

For more detailed information, please contact Atty. Galia Feit by phone: (972)-3-640-5547 or email:


Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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