After Globalization: Engaging the "Backlash" - discussion with Martti Koskenniemi

23 November 2017, 18:00 
The Malka Brender Hall of Justice, Trubowicz Building, Buchmann Faculty of Law 
Martti Koskenniemi

Co-Chairs: Doreen Lustig & Leora Bilsky

18:00     Lecture: Martti Koskenniemi

18:30     Round-table panel:

  • Eyal Benvenisti       
  • Natalie Davidson
  • Roy Kreitner  
  • Hila Shamir

19:10     Open Discussion


What should be the response of lawyers and academics to the present “backlash” – Brexit, Trump, the rise of neo-nationalism and the “alt-right?

Is it still possible to think about globalization in the way it has been for the past 20 years? Should we give another chance to human rights in policy-making?

Is there a point in redistributing power between international institutions or is the very existence of such institutions the problem?

Is the rise of internet platforms such as Facebook, Amazon and Google an opportunity or a threat? 

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