Oren Heiman

Oren Heiman is the Managing Partner of Shiboleth LLP. His practice focuses on commercial law; including corporate, mergers & acquisitions, entrepreneurship, corporate financing, contracts, intellectual property; litigation and commercial real estate.


Oren Graduated in 1995 from Tel Aviv University receiving LLM degree in international business law. In 2012 he graduated from Columbia University and the London Business School’s joint Global Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.


Oren began his legal career as an intern and young attorney at Haim Zadok & Co. and Carmel Naftali. After three years of practice, Oren moved to New York and worked as an associate at Shiboleth, Yisraeli, Roberts & Zisman LLP. In May 2002, Oren established his own firm, the Heiman Law Group P.C., which merged with Shiboleth in January 2006.


Oren is actively involved in the Israeli business community and is proud to be a founder, supporting member, executive and/or board member in over a dozen organizations including Elem, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, Dor Chadash, American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Larger than Life (the Israeli 'Make a Wish' foundation), Tel Aviv University Alumni, and the American Friends of the Israeli Opera. Oren volunteers to mediate major disputes among Israeli businesspersons and organizations in New York and has been nicknamed the ‘Borer’ (arbitrator) of the Israeli community in New York.


In 2013, Oren co-founded and was elected as the chairperson of Moatza Inc., the umbrella organization of the Israeli community in the NY Metro area. In this capacity, Oren leads a board of over 100 local community leaders, in an effort to create a strong vibrant Israeli community in the largest Israeli diaspora in the world and strengthen the Israeli and Jewish identity of its members. Several weeks ago, on October 30, Oren initiated and produced the first discussion in the Knesset about the status and relationship with the Israeli diaspora.


Oren is an enthusiastic snowboarder, pilot and long-distance runner, an avid opera fan and a frequent producer of social events aimed at bringing together Israeli businesspeople.


“Both in TAU and later, in my studies at Columbia University and London Business School, I have learned that while some of us have what it takes to become the Aharon Baraks and Guido Calabresi’s of the world and should focus solely on academic achievement, others may become the Eliad Shragas, the Avigdor Feldmans and the Amnon Shiboleths. To find what our potential is and to utilize our studies most effectively, we need to discover our full gamut of strengths and develop them, side by side with our legal studies. This is the best way for us to maximize our ability to contribute to society and mend the world.


One of my strongest memories from law school was actually from my first year of my Bachelor degree. Prof. Haim Ganz gave us an honor exam in Legal Jurisprudence, with no presence of supervisors in the examination hall. Once all our teachers left, there was a long quiet moment, followed by an eruption of giggling from our whole class, expressing our embarrassment from the high level of trust bestowed upon us by our professor. This experience led me through my 20 years of practicing law and 12 years of managing a law firm. I have used this lesson repeatedly with attorneys, staff, my partners and clients, preferring trust and creativity over conventionalism and suspicion.

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