Tel Aviv Berkeley LL.M. (Hebrew)

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Tel Aviv Berkeley Executive LL.M. (Hebrew)
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"If you want to treat yourself to the perfect gift, hurry and sign up now to the TAU-Berkeley LL.M. program. I gave myself that gift last year and enjoyed every minute of it. For a long time a constant little voice was nagging me to get a master's degree, but it was clear to me that I wanted "to study" and not just "be enrolled” for graduate studies. I waited patiently for the right opportunity to come along. Luckily, the waiting paid off. The short, yet intense program addresses current legal issues, features world-class lecturers, high-quality classmates, and to top it all off - a summer semester in California. I surprisingly found out that I can manage my time effectively – having time for family, work, friends and studying. The experiences gathered during my studies and the many new friendships, have left a profound impact on me. Also, the study materials are already influencing my decision making process.”

Hanna Flinner, a Shalom Court Judge in Tel Aviv – Class of 2012.



"If you're reading this, then you're probably asking yourself, why should I get a master’s degree at Tel Aviv-Berkeley? My answer to you is that the program offers a unique opportunity to study at excellent universities, by a team of highly-professional lecturers in Commercial and Corporate Law. The program’s staff works hard to address its students’ specific needs, sparing a lot of bureaucratic hassle. The father like support of the program's professors, especially Professor Ariel Porat and Professor Omri Yadlin is a huge benefit. They are always willing to listen to students’ suggestions and ideas. The program’s administrative director, Mrs. Hadas Netta-Chaim will bend over backwards to make sure students receive the assistance they need. In addition, the month at Berkeley is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I highly recommend the program”.
Attorney Aner Berger, former legal advisor to Israel Chemicals Ltd. – Class of 2005.



“Throug  the TAU-Berkeley Program I was able to achieve two goals, which for years I thought were too late for me: firstly, to pursue my academic goals, while continuing to work full-time as an attorney, and secondly, to enjoy the experience of studying abroad at a prestigious and world-leading  academic institute.  At the heart of this program is a group of wonderful individuals, which play a major role in my success. A combination of dedicated professors and academic staff, top notch law faculties and amazing classmates – make this program a one of a kind. I am certain it will continue to be the leading LL.M program in Israel in the years to come, and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.”
Attorney Avi Ordo, S. Horowitz & Partners – Class of 2005.



“The TAU-Berkeley program is an extraordinary combination of all the best in the field of commercial law. It’s fascinating studying materials and eye-opening discussions and seminars, are a strong influence on its participants strengths and intellectual personalities. The program's academic and administrative staff does everything in their power to make the learning experience no less than amazing. I particularly remember how everything was done in such a way that enabled me to stay devoted to my studies without it interfering with my career.  Bottom line: I highly recommend it!”
Attorney Uri Bergman, Wexler, Bergman and Partners – Class of 2010.



“When I registered for the program, I had no idea how I would find the time to read all the materials, perform the academic tasks and attend lectures on a steady basis. I ended up finding out, however, that the hours spent on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings, was my favorite quality time. The program focused on relevant theoretical legal issues from a practical and creative point of view. The wide range of courses and seminars studied throughout the year included interesting topics such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities and Antitrust Law, and Introduction to Corporate Financing. Studying at UC Berkeley was also a wonderful experience. Moreover, the stimulating curriculum and outstanding staff, (in particular, Mrs. Hadas Netta-Chaim), make the participation in the program an unforgettable experience. Hadas is amazing, she’s always willing to help, and she always wears a smile. I wish you much success, should you choose to join the program.”
Attorney Oded Kadosh, Pearl, Cohen Tzedek, Lazer and Partners – class of 2008.



“It was not an easy task for me to go back to school, yet the hunger for meaningful knowledge got me going. I had an urge to broaden my academic horizons, both theoretically and practically, while continuing all my daily affairs (work, family, etc.), and study in a nurturing, accessible and supportive environment. Therefore, after hearing about the TAU-Berkeley LL.M. program, I knew it would be the right thing for me. The intellectually-stimulating program revived my knack for studying, was reasonably demanding and eminently doable. Everything ran like clockwork, the participants were really nice and the program’s practical approach is a great advantage as well.”
Attorney Ari (Yisrael) Wexler, Berkman, Wexler, Bloom and Partners – Class of 2006.


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