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Prof. Michael Birnhack
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Michael Birnhack is a Professor of Law. He researches, teaches and writes about privacy law, information law, law and technology and intellectual property. In the privacy field, Michael served as a member of the Israeli Public Council for the Protection of Privacy (2004-2009; 2015-2016); advised the European Commission on the Israeli data protection regime (2007, 2008); was a member of the Schofmann Committee on Data Protection (2005-2007), advised the Ministry of Health on HaMagen Contact Tracing Application, and served in additional public committees. He is a member of the University Privacy Committee (2020-present). His IP-related research focuses on the intersection between copyright law and freedom of expression, IP and globalization, and IP history. He was a member of TAU’s Patent, Copyright and Internet committees.


Michael served as Associate Dean for Research (2017-2021); Director of the Parasol Foundation International LL.M (2015-2020); Founding Director of the S. Horowitz Institute for Intellectual Property in memory of Dr. Amnon Goldenberg (2015-2021); Chief Editor of Tel Aviv University Law Review (Vol. 33-34); a member of the board of the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) (Sep. 2009 - August 2010); co-director of Computers & Ethics at the Mishkenot Sha’ananim Ethics Center in Jerusalem, and a founding member of ‘Privacy Israel’ (2020). He serves on the editorial boards of Global Privacy Law Review (2019 – present); Law, Technology and Humans (Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia) (2021 – present), Law & Social Inquiry (2022 – present), and Law & Medicine (Hebrew) (2022 – present). He won 5 ISF Grants, participated in two EU grants, and won several other research grants. He won the Zeltner Prize for Excellence in Legal Research (2020).


He earned his LL.B. degree at Tel Aviv University (’96), his LL.M. (’98) and J.S.D. (’00) at NYU School of Law. Prior to joining Tel Aviv University, he was a faculty member at the University of Haifa (2000-2007) and co-founder and co-director of the Haifa Center of Law & Technology.

Research Interests and Teaching

1.      Privacy law

2.      Intellectual property, especially copyright law and IP history

3.      Law & Information Technology



2000     J.S.D., New York University, School of Law
1998     LL.M., New York University, School of Law
1996     LL.B., Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law


Academic Appointments

Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law 
2014-  Full Professor
2010 - 2014 Associate Professor
2007 - 2010
Senior Lecturer (with tenure)
University of Haifa, Faculty of Law
2004 - 2007
Senior Lecturer (with tenure)
2000 - 2004
George Washington University Law School, Washington DC
Fall 2002
Visiting Associate Professor
Melbourne University, Faculty of Law, Melbourne, Australia
Summer 2004
Senior Fellow
UCLA School of Law
January 2012 Visiting Professor


Northwestern Pritzker Law School, Chicago Illinois


Spring 2023 Visiting Professor


Full CV

Representative Publications

Constitutional Privacy (Bar-Ilan & Nevo, 2023), 474 pp [Hebrew]


(With Omri Rachum-Twaig) Privacy and Data Protection Law in Israel (Kluwer Law International, 2023) (174 pp)


"פרטיות בעיר הדיגיטלית", מחקרי משפט לג 963-911 (2022)


(with Tal Morse) The Continuity Principle of Digital Remains, New Media & Society (forthcoming, 2023)


(with Tal Morse) Digital Remains: Property or Privacy?, 30(3) International J.L. & Info. Tech. 280 (2022)


The Temporal Dimension of Surveillance, Surveillance & Society (forthcoming, 2023)


"אכיפה ואכיפת-יתר של זכויות יוצרים: המקרה של ביצוע פומבי של שידורי ספורט" עיוני משפט מו 53 (2022)


Differential Rights Consciousness: Teachers’ Perceptions of Privacy in the Surveillance School, 101 Teaching & Teacher Education 103302 (2021) (with Lotem Perry-Hazan)


Constitutional Privacy in Israeli Law, in Oxford Handbook on the Israeli Constitution (Aharon Barak, Barak Medina, Yaniv Roznai, eds., forthcoming 2023)


The Emergence of a Brand: A Case of Jaffa Oranges from Mandate Palestine, in Research Handbook on the History of Trademark Law (Lionel Bently & Robert Bone, eds., Edward Elgar) (forthcoming 2023)


 "מידע חופשי ומידע פרטי", בתוך: שקיפות שחיתות ומה שביניהן 191-183 (עמותת שקיפות בינלאומית ישראל – שבי"ל; עורכת: נילי ארד, 2021)


  "פרטיות במשבר: הנדסה חוקתית והנדסת פרטיות" משפט וממשל כד 177-149 (2022)


The Posthumous Privacy Paradox: Privacy Preferences and Behavior Regarding Digital Remains, 24(6) New Media & Society 1343-1362 (2022) (With Tal Morse)


The Glocal Net: Standing on Joel Reidenberg's Shoulders, 90(4) Fordham L. Rev. 1435-1455 (2022)


 "פרטיות מותאמת אישית: תגובה על מאמרם של ליאור סטרכילביץ' ואריאל פורת פרסונליזציה של כללי בררת־מחדל וחובות גילוי באמצעות נתוני־עָתֵק (Big Data)", עיוני משפט מב 404-381 (2020)


 Colonial Trademark: Law and Nationality in Mandate Palestine, 1922-1948, 46(1) Law & Social Inquiry 192-225 (2021)


מיכאל בירנהק ומיקי זר, עקרונות פעולה משפטיים לפיתוח טכנולוגיות לאיתור מגעים (אוניברסיטת ת"א, 2020)


(with Lotem Perry-Hazan) School Surveillance in Context: High School Students’ Perspectives on CCTV, Privacy, and Security, 52(7) Youth & Society 1312-1330 (2020)


"פרטיות: תמונת מצב", משפט, חברה ותרבות ב 35-9 (מיכאל בירנהק עורך, 2019)


"הנדסת פרטיות ציבורית: המקרה של העברת מידע ממרשם האוכלוסין", דין ודברים יב 72-17 (2019)


 Lotem Perry-Hazan & Michael Birnhack, 78 Caught on Camera: Teachers’ Surveillance in Schools, Teaching and Teacher Education 193-204 (2019)


 הגנת הפרטיות בעיר הדיגיטלית, בתוך: העיר בעידן הדיגיטלי: תכנון, טכנולוגיה, פרטיות ואי-שוויון 85-56 (אוניברסיטת תל אביב, טלי חתוקה עורכת, 2018)


Michael Birnhack, A Process Based Approach to Informational Privacy and the Case of Big Medical Data, 20 Theoretical Inq. L. 257-290 (2019)


Michael Birnhack, Judicial Snapshots and Fair Use Theory, 5(3) Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property 264-284 (2015)


Lotem Perry-Hazan & Michael Birnhack, The Hidden Human Rights Curriculum of Surveillance Cameras in Schools: Due Process, Privacy, and Trust, 48 Cambridge Journal of Education 47-64 (2018)


מיכאל בירנהק, "חשיפה מקוונת וחשיפה משפטית: על פרטיות ופומביות של פסקי דין ברשת", משפטים מח 90-31 (2018)


 Michael Birnhack, Lotem Perry-Hazan, Shiran German Ben-Hayun, CCTV Surveillance in Israeli Primary Schools: Normalization, Resistance, and Children’s Privacy Consciousness, 44 Oxford Review of Education 204-220 (2018)


Michael Birnhack & Lotem Perry-Hazan, Privacy, CCTV, and School Surveillance in the Shadow of Imagined Law, 50(2) Law & Society Review 415-449 (2016)


Colonial Copyright: Intellectual Property in Mandate Palestine (Oxford University Press, 2012) 336 pp


Private Space: The Right to Privacy, Law and Technology (Bar Ilan University Press & Nevo Press, 2010) pp. 543 [Hebrew]


Michael Birnhack & Niva Elkin-Koren, The Invisible Handshake: The Reemergence of the State in the Digital Environment, 8 Virginia Journal of Law & Technology 6 (2003)


Michael Birnhack, The EU Data Protection Directive: An Engine of a Global Regime, 24(6) Computer Law & Security Report 508-520 (2008)


Michael Birnhack, A Quest for A Theory of Privacy: Context and Control: Review of Helen Nissenbaum's Privacy in Context51(4) Jurimetrics: Journal of Law, Science, & Technology 447-479 (2011)


Michael Birnhack & Niva Elkin-Koren, Does Law Matter Online? Empirical Evidence on Privacy Law Compliance, 17Michigan Telecommunication & Technology Law Review337-384 (2011)


Michael Birnhack, Hebrew Authors and English Copyright Law in Mandate Palestine, 12(1) Theoretical Inquiries in Law 201-240 (2011)


Michael Birnhack, Reverse Engineering Informational Privacy Law, 15 Yale Journal of Law & Technology 24-91 (2012)


Michael Birnhack & Yofi Tirosh, Naked in Front of the Machine: Does Airport Scanning Violate Privacy? 74 Ohio State Law Journal 1263-1034 (2013)


Michael Birnhack, Copyright Pioneers, 5(1) WIPO J. 118-126 (2013)


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