Prof. Nili Cohen

Emeritus in Faculty of Law
מנהלת הפקולטה למשפטים אמריטוס
Prof. Nili Cohen
Phone: 03-6408144
Office: Minkoff - Law, 410


Nili Cohen, Former President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Israel Prize laureate, received her LL.B. magna cum laude, LL.M. summa cum laude, and Ph. D. from Tel-Aviv University. As a student she was the co-founding editor of Tel-Aviv university Law Review. She is the author of Interference with Contractual Relations, Inducing Breach of Contract and co-author of Contracts A, B, C, D.  She edited (with Ewan McKendrick) Comparative Remedies for Breach of Contract  and contributed a chapter to the book. She is the recipient of the Sussman Prize in 1986 and was awarded the Zeltner Prize in 1989, the Sussman Prize for the second time in 1991, the Minkoff Prize for excellence in Law in 2002, and the Rector Prize for Excellence in Teaching (in 2003/4, 2004/5, 2014/5). She served as Vice-Rector (1994-1997) and subsequently as Rector of Tel-Aviv University (1997-2001).

Nili Cohen, a member of Academia Europaea, the American Philosophical Society and a fellow (foreign) of the Accademia dei Lincei,  is an Honorary Professor, the University of Buenos Aires and an honorary doctor, Haifa University and Ben-Gurion University. She was a member of the Committee of the Codification of Israeli Law. She is an Associate Member of the International Academy for Comparative Law and a member of the American Law Institute.  She established the relations between TAU and Venice International University and served as a member of its Academic Council.

Research Interests and Teaching

Contracts, Comparative Law, Restitution, Torts, Law & Literature.



1967 - 1971

LL.B. magna cum laude Tel-Aviv University

1971 - 1975

LL.M. summa cum laude Tel-Aviv University

Thesis: "The Application of Law of Contracts to Juristic Acts and Obligations" (under the supervision of Prof. Z. Zeltner)

1975 - 1978

Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University

Dissertation: "The Protection of Obligation Against Interference by Third Parties" (under the supervision of Prof. D. Friedmann)


Academic Positions

1971 - 1977

Assistant, Instructor, Tel-Aviv University

1977 - 1978

Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

1978 - 1979

Instructor, Tel-Aviv University

1979 - 1982

Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University

1982 - 1985

Senior Lecturer (tenure), Tel-Aviv University

1985 - 1986

Associate Professor, Tel-Aviv University

1986 - 1987

Visiting Professor, Temple University

1987 - 1989

Associate Professor. Tel-Aviv University

1989 - 2015

Full Professor, Tel-Aviv University

2002 – 2003

2015 -            

Visiting Scholar, New-York University



Full CV

Representative Publications

N. Cohen (with E.McKendrick), Comparative Remedies for Breach of Contract, (Hart, Oxford, 2005) 320 pp.


N. Cohen, From the Common Law to the Civil Law – The Experience of IsraelPrecontractual Liability in European Private Law 398-430, John Cartwright and Martijn Hesselink eds, Cambridge University Press (2008) 


N. Cohen,  Distributive Justice in the Enforcement of Contracts, Festschrift fuer Gunter Kuehne: 971-1003, Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft (2009)


N. Cohen,  Substituted Performance, Itzhak Englard Book 145-190 (2010) (Hebrew)


N. Cohen,Name, Memory, Law, Culture, Memory, History, Anita Shapira Book 27-51 (2012) (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, The Slayer Rule, 92 Boston U. L. Rev. 793-810 (2012)


N. Cohen, Privatization and Patriarchy - Sanctions and Education, 27 Israel Studies Review 108-142 (2012)


N. Cohen, Law, Morality and Ex Turpi CausaOrr Book  259-304(2013) (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, Faithfulness of Interpreter, 35 TAU L. Rev. 587-637 (2013) (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, Property, Liability, Competition, Law and Business (Hebrew) (2014)


N. Cohen, The Betrayed(?) Wills of Kafka and Brod, 27 Law and Literature 1 (2015)


N. Cohen, Love, Story, Law – From the Scarlet Letter to Freedom and Privacy, 28 Law and Literature 209 (2016)


N. Cohen ,German Law in Israeli Courts, Comparative Studies in the Humanities 195-222 (2018)


N. Cohen, Tragedy in Life, Tragedy in Law, 10 Maasei Mishpat 253-277 (2019) 


N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann), Contracts Vol.  B, 2nd ed. Nevo (2020) 700pp  (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, The sword and the book – the limits of law on battlefields and in the inns of art, Menahem Finkelstein Book 555-586  (2020) (Hebrew)


N.Cohen, Agreements and Contracts Involving Procreation, Gabriela Shalev Book 331-377 (2021) (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, Laws, Sentences and Words (Yediot Books,2022) 429pp. (Hebrew)


N. Cohen, The External Shield of Contract - Torts, Equity, Restitution,  Shaping the Law of Obligations, Essays in Honour of Professor Ewan McKendrick KC (2023) (Oxford, University Press)


Full CV

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