Round-table: trademarks and service marks

06 June 2019, 16:00 - 19:30 
Tel Aviv University - Faculty of Law, Sonia & Edward Kosoy Conference Room (Room 307) 
Round-table: trademarks and service marks

The round-table will deal with trademarks and service marks in light of the current and anticipated challenges in the changing commercial world. Trademarks and service marks are:  marketing tools that distinguish specific products and services from competing products and services. They provide the consumer with certainty as to the quality of the product or service under the mark; and encourage mark-owner to maintain the quality of their products and services. In a world where consumption of goods and services is increasing; in a globalized world where outsourcing has become widespread; in a world of 3D printing technology; parallel imports; the future form of trademarking and of protecting marks is not clear. The purpose of the round-table discussion is to illuminate the changes that are set to affect the status of the marks and how they will be used in the business-commercial-legal space. In the course of the event we shall examine a variety of said challenges and think about ways in which the law can (should) adapt itself to the changing reality.

Invitation (HEB)


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