Dine Israel Volume 33

Articles in English


  • Michael J. Broyde and Shlomo C. Pill, Building the Set Table, Cluttering the Set Table, and Two Competing Methods for Decluttering the Set Table: An Introduction to the Oraê Êayyim Jurisprudence of Rabbi Yehêiel Mikhel Epstein’s Arukh ha-Shulêan and a Contrast with Rabbi Israel Meir Kagen’s Mishnah Berurah

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  • Avraham (Rami) Reiner, Rabbenu Tam’s Ordinance for the Return of the Dowry: Between Talmudic Exegesis and an Ordinance that Contradicts the Talmud

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  • Pinchas Roth, The Nasi, the Judge and the Hostages: Loans and Oaths in Thirteenth-Century Narbonne

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  • Mordechai Zalkin, The “Hebrew Law Society” and the Emergence of Hebrew-Nationalism in the Early 20th-Century Russian Empire

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