Winners of the Rector's Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Rector's Awards for Excellence in Teaching are presented each year to Faculty members judged to have been most outstanding in the quality of their teaching

04 February 2018

The Buchmann Faculty of Law is delighted to announce that Prof. Yishai Blank and Adv. Inbal Blau Maymon have been recognized for their excellence in teaching in 2018.

This is the second time that Adv. Inbal Blau Maymon has won the Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Currently undertaking post-doctoral research in Canada, she was thrilled to hear the news. “It has strengthened my commitment to strive for excellence in research and teaching, and as a Faculty graduate and young researcher it is a dream come true. Educating the future generation of jurists is both a privilege and a great pleasure.”

Prof. Yishai Blank is a Professor of Law and the Faculty’s former Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. His areas of research and teaching include Local Government Law, Administrative Law, Global Cities, Urban Legal Policy, Law and Secularism, and Legal Theory.  Aside from academia Prof. Blank is active in various public and social causes. 

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