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Prof. Amir Khoury
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Prof. Amir H. Khoury is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University (Israel). He was also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the School of Law, University of Kansas (USA), for the 2013-2014 academic year. Prof. Khoury has received his Ph.D. from Haifa University (2004), his LL.M. from Fordham University, NYC (1998), and his LL.B. (1993) from The Hebrew University. He specializes in intellectual property law. His academic publications are predominantly in English and published in the US. Prof. Khoury has lectured at conferences around the world (North-Western, Chicago; UC Berkeley; George Washington University, Vanderbilt University; Pisa U. in Italy; Free U. of Brussels; World Jurist Association in (Prague). He has also lectured at USPTO IP programs held in Muscat, Jordan and USPTO-HQ in Alexandria VA, and the University of Kansas. In the course of some of the events, Prof. Khoury has trained Judges, lawyers and patent examiners in IP matters (namely at the Jordan IP Weeks events and at the Israeli Patent Authority). Prof. Khoury also teaches at the Tel-Aviv Berkeley Master of Law program and has served in the past as international advisor for The “Queen Rania Centre for Entrepreneurship” (Amman). In addition, Amir Khoury has published a legal-philosophical novel in English (When Wolf Seeks Justice, Published; KDP). His first book of English Poetry is now in publication.

Research Interests and Teaching

Intellectual Property Law, International Protection of International Intellectual Property Rights, Globalization and the TRIPS-Plus Era, Commercial Wrongs, Trade Secrets, IP Regulation in Arab Countries, Civil Remedies for the Protection of IP Law




Haifa University, Israel
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Fordham University School of Law, NYC, USA
Masters of Law (LL.M.)


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)


Academic Appointments

2005 - Present Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
2009-2010 Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
2003 - 2009 Lecturer, The Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya
2008 - Present External Lecturer, Netanya Academic College
2004 - 2012
Lecturer, Ramat-Gan Academic Collage, Ramat-Gan, Israel
2010 - Present Carmel Academic Collage
2002 - 2005
Lecturer, Haifa University School of Law
2013 - 2014 Visiting Professor , University of Kansas


Full CV

Representative Publications

Amir H. Khoury, Well-Known and Famous Trademarks in Israel: TRIPS From Manhattan to the Dawn of a New Millennium!, 12(4) Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal, (2002), 991-1039


Amir H. Khoury, Ancient and Islamic Sources of Intellectual Property Protection in the Middle East: A Focus on Trademarks, 43(2) IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology, Franklin Pierce Law Centre, (2003) 151-206,


Amir H. Khoury, Trademark Policy: The Case of Arab Countries, Daniel Gervais (ed.), Intellectual Property, Trade and Development: Strategies to Optimize Economic Development in a TRIPS-Plus Era, Oxford University Press, (January, 2008), 299-331.


Amir H. Khoury, Three Dimensional Objects as Trademarks: Does a Dark Shadow Loom over Trademark Theory? 26(2) Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal, (2008), 335-367


Amir H. Khoury, The 'Public Health' of the Conventional International Patent Regime & the Ethics of 'Ethicals', 26 The Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, (2008), 25-70.


Amir H. Khoury, Dubai's New Intellectual Property-Based Economy: Prospects for Development without Dependency, 9(1) The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law; (2009) 84-109.


Amir H. Khoury. Differential Patent Terms and the Commercial Capacity of Innovation, 18(3) Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal; 373-418 (2010).


Amir H. Khoury, The End of the National Patent Office, 52(2) IDEA:  The IP Law Review, 199-240 (2012).



 Amir H. Khoury, Brand Loyalty and Loyalty of brands: A Symbiotic Relationship, 32(2) The Journal of Law and Commerce, (2014).


Amir H. Khoury (with Dr. Noam Shomron), Global Ethical Boundaries of Intellectual Property and Development: The Case of Genome Sequencing, August 2013, in Daniel Gervais (ed.), Intellectual Property trade and Development, oxford University Press, (2014).


Amir H. Khoury, The Case Against the Protection of Negative Trade Secrets: Sisyphus' Entrepreneurship, 54(3), IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review; (2014), 431.



 Amir H. Khoury When Art Becomes Free: Inverse Moral Rights as a Guardian of a Truly Liberal Society and Economy, 3(1) Moral Cents: The Journal of Ethics
 in Finance, (2014).



 Amir H. Khoury, Of Trucks, Trains and Ships: Relative Liability for Cargo Loss and Damage, Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business (2016).


Amir H. Khoury, The Makings of an 'Individualized-Industrial' Revolution: Three-Dimensional Printing and its Implications on Intellectual Property Law, Journal of High Technology Law, Suffolk University Law School.


Amir H. Khoury, "The 'UNLIMITLESS': On How to Remedy the Inadequacies of a Language-Based System for Patent Claims.", Accepted for publication by the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal (TIPLJ). 


Amir H. Khoury & Ron Bekkerman, Automatic Discovery of Prior Art Big Data to the Rescue of the Patent System, The Review of Intellectual Property Law (RIPL) at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois ( October, 2016), and


Amir H. Khoury, Intellectual Property from Outside the Box: The Curious Case of Internet from Space, International Media and Entertainment Law, (November, 2016),


Amir H. Khoury, Intellectual Property Rights for "Hubots": On the Legal Implications of Human-Like Robots as Innovators and Creators, Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal. 


Full CV

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