Talia Diskin

Talia Diskin
Office: Ornstein - Chemistry


Talia's research (Academic Advisor: Professor Assaf Likhovski) deals with aspects of law and morality in children and adolescents’ journals in Israel during its first decade.

The study analyzes the presence of legal discourse in the journals. The study also deals with the apparent and implicit ways in which law was internalized in the writing, in three specific selected issues, taken from the fields of economy, society and security.

Children and youth journals were a dominant factor of inter-generational discourse and a common cultural product in the young country. This type of journalism was a recognized and valued agent of ideology and indoctrination, completing the traditional agents of socialization - family, school, peer-groups and the community. The political nature of the journals also affected their attitudes towards legal issues.  The study of the use of children and youth journalism to instill legal norms indicates the effort to shape the attitudes of the children towards the law, in general, and the rule of law, in particular, in the new state.


Research Interests

Childhood and youth culture; Legal History; Children and adolescents, law and politics in historical perspective; Children and adolescents in the media; Writing norms for children and adolescents; Children's Literature; Education.


Education and Publications

Talia holds a Bachelor of Law degree (LLB), a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Psychology and Communication and a master's degree (MA) from the Unit of Culture Research, summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University. Parts of her Master’s thesis, written under the supervision of Professor Zohar Shavit, have been published as an article entitled ‘Not a “Conventional” Women’s Magazine: The Civil Woman Model in Ha-Ishah and Its Agents, 1926-1929’ [Israel 18-19 (2011), pp. 65-98 (In Hebrew)].




Academic and Professional Experience

Talia has held an intern position in The Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Defense and served as a law clerk at  the Tel Aviv District Court.

Over the years, she has edited many literary works, worked as a newspaper editor and published literary criticism, particularly concerning literary works for children and adolescents.

She teaches legal thinking  at a non-profit organization "Shiur Acher” (“A Different Lesson”) that  seek to equalize educational opportunities among children.

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