Prof. Guy Mundlak

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Prof. Guy Mundlak
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Office: Minkoff - Law, 426


Guy Mundlak’s appointment is shared with the Department of Labor Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences. His research deals with the impact of law on the labor market and the welfare state. More particularly his works centers on the following themes:  The relationship between labor law and industrial relations; The internalization of employment standards in economic enterprises and the role of human resource professionals in this process; Constitutional social rights in general, and on the rights to social security and work in particular;  The effects of globalization on labor markets, the efficacy of international instruments in responding to the regulatory deficit, looking at both the movement of capital and labor.

Research Interests and Teaching

Labor law, Industrial relations, Discrimination at work and equal opportunities, The international law of Work, Law and the Welfare State, Immigration Law, Inter-disciplinary perspectives on work.


1986-1991 LL.B., Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (Cum Lauda)
1991-1992 LL.M., Harvard University Law School, USA (waived)
1992-1995 S.J.D, Harvard University Law School, USA


Academic Appointments

1994-1995 Teaching Fellow, Harvard College
1995-1999 Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Haifa University
Tel-Aviv University

Joint Position in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences - Department of Labor Studies.

2005-2009 Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights
2008-2011 Chair, Department of Labor Studies
Academic Director, Tel-Aviv/Northwestern LL.M. in Public Law


Visiting positions

Visiting Researcher

University of Cambridge, Centre for Business Research

2001 Visiting Professor, Northwestern University Law School
Visiting Researcher

University of Amsterdam, Hugo Sinzheimer Institute

Visiting Professor

Temple University Law School

EU – FP6 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow,

University of Amsterdam, Hugo Sinzheimer Institute

2012 Visiting Professor, University of Melbourne Law School


Full CV

Representative Publications

Labor law and industrial relations- Israel and beyond

Guy Mundlak, Fading Corporatism: Israel’s Labor Law and Industrial Relations in Transition (Cornell University Press, ILR 2007).


Guy Mundlak, The BJIR Annual Review Article: Addressing the Legitimacy Gap in the Israeli Corporatist Revival, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 47(4), pp. 765-787 (2009).


Guy Mundlak, Yishak Saporta, Yitchak Haberfeld, YInon Cohen, Union Density in Israel 1995-2010: The Hybridization of Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations Vol. 52(1), 78-101 (2013).


Guy Mundlak, The Third Function of Labour Law: Distributing Labour Market Opportunities among Workers, In: The Idea of Labour Law (Brian Langille, Guy Davidov eds., Oxford University Press), pp 315-328 (2011).



Social Rights, Citizenship and The Right to Work

Guy Mundlak, Social Rights in the New Constitutional Discourse: From Social Rights to the Social Dimension of All Rights, The Labor Yearbook, Vol. 7, pp. 65-152 (1999).Reprinted in: the Berenzon Book, Vol. 2 (2000) (A. Barak et al.,eds) pp. 183-280 [Hebrew]


Guy Mundlak, The Right to Work - The Value of Work, In: Exploring Social Rights: Between Theory and Practice, (Daphna Barak-Erez & Aeyal Gross eds., Hart) pp. 341-366 (2007). Reprinted in French: Droit au travail et valeur du travail, Bulletin de Droit Comparé du Travail et de la Securité Sociale (2008), pp. 3-32.


Guy Mundlak, The Right to Work: Linking Human Rights and Employment Policy, International Labor Review, Vol. 146, pp. 189-215 (2007).


Guy Mundlak, Industrial Citizenship, Social Citizenship, Corporate Citizenship: I Just Want my Wages, Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Vol. 8(2), pp. 719-748 (2007).


Guy Mundlak, Workplace – Democracy: Reclaiming the Effort to Foster Public – Private Isomorphism, Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Vol. 15(1), 159-198 (2014).




Guy Mundlak, Power-Breaking or Power-Entrenching Law? The Regulation of Palestinian Workers In Israel, Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, Vol. 20, 569-620 (1999).


Guy Mundlak, Neither Insiders nor Outsiders: The Contractual Construction of Migrant Workers’ Rights and the Democratic Deficit. Iyunei Mishpat, Tel Aviv University Law Review, Vol.  27, pp. 423-487 (2003). [Hebrew]


Guy Mundlak, Re-commodifying Time: The Exemption of ‘Live-Ins’ From Time Regulation, In: Work and Family (Joanne Conaghan and Kerry Rittich, eds., Oxford University Press) pp. 125-156 (2005). A modified version appeared also in: Women and Immigration Law, (Sarah van Walsum and Thomas Spijkerboer, eds. Routledge – Glasshouse) pp. 123-141 (2007).



International Law of Work

Guy Mundlak, De-Territorializing Labor Law, Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights, Vol. 3, pp. 188-222 (2009).


Guy Mundlak and Issi Rosen Tzvi, Signaling Virtue? A Comparison of Corporate Codes in the Fields of Labor and Environment, Theoretical Inquiries in Law Vol. 12 pp. 603-663 (2011).


Judy Fudge and Guy Mundlak, Justice in a Globalizing World: Resolving Conflicts Involving Workers Rights Beyond the Nation State, In: Global Justice and International Labour Rights (Yosi Dahan, Hanna Lerner, Faina Milman, eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2014).  An expanded version appeared also as a Working Paper of the European University, Florence (2013).


Full CV

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