Susannah Belson


Susannah Belson is a Ph.D. candidate at the Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies in the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled "The Israeli Criminal Process where Public Officials are Involved: A Special Case?", is in preparation under the supervision of Dr. Shai Wozner.

Susannah holds a LL.B. Cum Laude, from the Haim Stricks School of Law, the College of Management Academic Studies, and a LL.M. Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University.

Until commencing her doctoral studies, Susannah worked as an attorney in the white-collar criminal law group at leading Tel Aviv law firms and served as legal assistant to a criminal law judge.

Her LL.M. thesis, written in 2018, is entitled "The Institution of the Hearing in Israel - Comparative, Historical and Normative Aspects". This work was prepared under the supervision of Dr. Shai Wozner, and comprises an examination of the hearing institution - a key process in Israeli criminal procedure - through various comparative, historical and normative analyses. The work illustrates the unique historical development of the hearing institution in Israel. This institution is based on an administrative model and not a judicial model as is common in many countries around the world. The work examines the political and legal sensitivity of the hearing issue and the complex questions it raises. In addition, the work highlights the relative powers of government institutions in Israel, and the periodic and perceptual changes in the country’s criminal law landscape.


Susannah's research, under the supervision of Dr. Shai Wozner, deals with The Israeli Criminal Process in the special case of public officials.

She seeks to discuss her work on the unique features of the criminal proceedings against public officials, and to examine whether there is room for rethinking the proper design of the criminal proceedings in cases where they are involved. This requires consideration whether special criminal procedural rules ought to apply in certain issues. The work examines whether the recognition of criminal proceedings against public officials as a separate category from the general criminal procedure, may be used as a tool for fighting public corruption in Israel.

Research interests

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Law and History, Law and Society, Law and Political Thinking.

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