Dine Israel Volume 35 -36

Articles in English


Yishai Kiel

Above and Beyond the Law: Applying Moral Standards in the Sphere of Private Law in the Jewish Babylonian, East Syrian Christian, and Iranian Legal Traditions

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Warren Zev Harvey

Rabbi Nissim of Girona on Judicial Bribery

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Bernard S. Jackson

Ruth and Ezra-Nehemiah in Dialogue

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Oran Zweiter

Recognition of Orthodox Rabbinic Authority in Nineteenth Century America: The Case of Divorce


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Abstracts for the Heb article


Yemima Ben-Menahem

Rational Reconstruction



Arye Edrei

Visions of a Jewish State: Rabbis Herzog and Goren on the Role of

Jewish Law in the Israeli Legal System



Shimshon Ettinger

On “Precepts between Man and his Fellow Man” and “Precepts

between Man and God” in the Thought of Maimonides



Benjamin Brown

Instant Responsa: Towards Halakhic Realism?



Michael Baris

Reflections on a Mirror: Conceptualizing Land Registration in Jewish and Israeli Law



Itzhak Brand

issura” and “mamona”: Outlines and Boundary Cases



Moshe Drori

Can the Jewish Concept of Repentance Play a Role in Israeli Law?



Shai Wozner

Pseudo-Laws, Noble Lies and Public Trust: A Chapter in the Philosophy of Halakhah



Gideon Libson

The Oath of Destitution ‘I have no means’ (Yamin al a'dm): On the Relationship between Jewish and Islamic Law



Benjamin Porat

Must a Right be Claimed? Between Rights Discourse and Duties Discourse



Levi Cooper

Gebrokts: Halakhah, Kabbalah, and the History of Hasidism



Amihai Radzyner

Kim Li’ Claim in Get Procedures



Haim Shapira

Shikkul ha-da'at (Judicial Discretion): A Talmudic Concept from a Jurisprudential Point of View


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